Intercepting today’s needs and anticipating tomorrow’s trends

Lanificio Cangioli - Creativity

A creative department dedicated exclusively to exploring and analyzing international trends to create innovative and trendy collections. Combinations of lines and colors, plain or fancy fabrics, skillful use of noble and synthetic fibers, everything the big brands are looking for to make quality garments for men and women.

The secrets behind the vast proposal of Woolen mill Cangioli are the highly developed skills of execution and the ability to adapt to customer requests. Thanks to a vertical structure, the Group meets fully the market’s needs and achieves the results set in terms of speed, quality and customization.

Lanificio Cangioli - Creativity

Lanificio Cangioli collections

A total look collection for the sophisticated and modern woman,made of combined and patterned fabrics, classic compositions with noble fibers, sometimes mixed with synthetic and artificial ones, to acheive a contemporary look. Particular attention is given to detail and colors. Special lines are obtained through innovative techniques and elaborate finishing.

Shirting collections, consisting of cotton fabrics, comfort cotton and stretch cotton, with an archive of over 70,000 designs and color variations. Particular attention is given to the personalization and development of special designs and colors toghether with the customer. We use special finishing techniques for more washed and modern looks.

With the acquisition of Woolen mill Vallombrosa, Cangioli wanted to launch the Made in Italy collection of outerwear. The collection consists of plain and patterned fabrics,in regenerated and virgin wool. The Vallombrosa line is manufactured 100% in our factory.

The last one born in the Cangioli family;
The collection consists of plain and patterned fabrics for different types of accessories, such as modern and sophisticated coated, laminated, resinated workings, jacquard and much more.